Friday, 26 December 2008


I've been talking about cyclocross for the last few months.Nostalgia trip. My mate Alan and I did a few races on our MTBs back at the end of the 80s.Last Saturday I sent him a link to an event near us.Not for any particular reason ,something to browse,y'know.

Anyway . On Sunday morning we went out MTBing.As we met he greeted me with " yea,signed up for that".
I'm like " what ? !"

So that's that . We've signed up for a cyclocross race. Feb 7th . 2 hrs + 1 lap.

I dont think any amount of training will make me much fitter than I already am ,but I went out on Christmas Eve for a local blast.Typical CX circuit . Mud ,lots of it ,and tight twisty tracks through the trees. I wont say I didnt enjoy it ,cos I did . But it was damned hard towards the end. I set my alarm to do 1 hr ,flat out .

I was fairly having a go . Time was ticking away . Slowly . I was convinced ,utterly ,that the alarm had gone off and I hadnt heard it ,or I hadnt set it properly . I stopped to check it.

55 mins.

So that's were I'm up to. I'll do some 'training' ,and see how it goes.

Bike selection . I'll keep you posted. I'm thinking of resurecting my dead Diamondback Axis.Singlespeed .Flat bars. The narrowest tyres I can get.

We'll see.That's a hole in the toptube right there.