Saturday, 3 November 2012


It seemed as good a time as any to take a pic. 

Tony and I had met up with Andy . We rode up from our end of town , meeting him at the little Rivi infant school . 
Bit of everything , weatherwise, today. Cold and damp first thing . Lots of rain overnight , so the ground is thick and claggy . 
Anyways , about halfway up the industry standard gardens climb , the heavens opened with hail . 
We were right at the seven arches bridge , so we sheltered underneath , for 5 mins , or so.

Possibly due to the intensity , the hail didn't last.
On to the industry standard capitalist oligarch Victorian folly.
My spellchecker is insisting I capitalise Victorian. Bastards.
Weather quite nice now.

Descent off the back , ( industry standard ) , super tasty . 
We've had a heap of rain , so the back is very slippyslidy , and very rutted . Halfway down , a line change spelled imminent disaster , but I hung on and nailed it . 

From the bottom we head up towards ' Two Lads ' , via the Humphrey's Ditch climb. 
Often a very slippyslidy climb , but I dunno , maybe we had soooo much rain , the top surface is fairly washed away , revealing the stones underneath , offering a modicum of grip . 
Still lost the back wheel halfway up . 

How nice ?

At the top of ' Two Lads' , thanks to the government's efforts with Quantitive Easing , the finite amount of cobblestones that make up the two cairns , have been rearranged to make 3 . 
The third cairn takes it's value from the other two , thus devaluing the whole.

The Descent down to the kennels was ace , also,I guess, due to the weather of late . Slippy rutty , with the big drops a little bigger than the last time . 
Slipped a slippy pedal , but hung on to nail it.

From here we head back to take in the industry standard ' Ice Cream Run'. 
Just super dooper . Washed away , exposing the under surface . Just enough to keep you on your toes . 
Nearly lost it near the bottom, Slippy bit , but hung on to nail it.

We split off from Andy at the back of the barn.
Tony and I head along the bottom path . Again , very wet , but just look at it ....

Tony in the distance
At this juncture , we took the ridiculous short drop to the road through the trees. Urg.
Tony was up to his brake disc in mud.

So , heading back . A short roadie hoof , through Blackrod / Little Scotland , to take in Haigh Hall . 
Guess what ? Bone dry . 

Yea , right . 

Still , dead good . Old school , slippyslidymuddyboggy , and then the canal back home . 
Tony endomondo'd it . When we split off , with both of us with a couple more miles to do , it was on 34miles . 
A good spin then . 


I've pondered the proposed route . I was hoping to do a circuit up to the TV mast at Winter Hill , to get to the war memorial at Leadmines for 11.00 . 
THEN , head over past Roundloaf to Great Hill . Unless we get an autumnal heatwave , it's probably not a dead good idea to bog yomp it across the moorland . We'll see eh ?
I have wellies.It's not like it hasn't been done before. 
The industry standard route to Great Hill( Long road descent to White coppice / mini BC woods ) will be a better bet , but that part of the circuit would then be out-back.
It's mapping at about 20 miles from the barn rd carpark. 
Great if you can make it .