Thursday, 6 November 2008


The word is about that something's evolving.
It doesnt know if it's coming or going.

A few weeks ago in my haste to create "Steal-V1.1" from my brother's old racer I forgot to take a definitive 'before' pic.
In a classic 'turn up for the books' ,my father-in-law,Joe ,came round with his old racer ,dug out from in the garage.
It's only exactly * like 'steal' was before I accosted it with nitromors and a selection of abrasive power tools.

So , I say " Joe . If you want ,for exactly zero £££s initial outlay I could easily convert this perfectly good classic 12 spd into something resembling that rusty old thing over there.No problem ".

So ,he says ".....!...."

The revolution is here.

* Taller headtube+ alloys ,but .....

'Steal ' is rusting up just nice BTW.


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