Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Not been doing much with this blog. Life's been ...busy....
Still bikey bikey though. Not done loads and loaads of fixie-ing.A few spins here and there,it's a great training tool and superb for nipping to the village and stuff.

The last post mentioned a CX race Alan and I were intending doing . That came and went . I was going to do it on my old DB . In the end I didnt get it done on time. It's still in the garage. It's on the way . The frame is stripped ,I've body fillered the hole , as you do,and it's ready for paint. I have 99% of all the parts I need to finish it. At the minute I'm thinking 'multi purpose RV metro chic'. A slicked up bomber ,that with a change of tyres can also be MTB'd. It is a superb MTB after all.

We did the 'cross race BTW. I was on one of the demo cannondales ,the carbon Rize. Alan was on the 'dale carbon Rush. Had a great time .Check it out HERE.Have a browse around ,there's a mad video up there too.

Been doing quite a bit of MTB over the last few months . Some good rides. Been trying to put a different spin ,ahem , on the usual Sunday thing. Just jazzing it up a bit. I've upped the mileage a few times by hoofing it up from ours up to our local trails in Rivington and instead of the same old same old ,we've done some exploring and thrown in a couple of new bits. All good.

A typical ride can be found HERE.Come along . All welcome.
So ,maybe it's the springtime sun on my back ,or maybe its the velodrome trip we did the other week,HERE,but I'm getting some fixie again.
In the last month I've had a few short blasts ,no more than 6 or 7 miles in a trip and I've really enjoyed it. I'm a lot happier bobbing along on it.Stopping the thing isnt quite so scary. Just today I went into town and hardly touched the brake on the way in,even controlling my descent down the local 'col' with my spindly legs. A workout both ways.

Next thing coming up ?.....
We'll see.

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