Saturday, 15 September 2012


Very early mountainbike club flyer

Very early event guide1

very early event guide 2

Mr Specialized , Ned Overend , Riding for Schwinn.
One to beat in '87

The other one to beat . Tomac . Early Suspension . Rear only !

Seen enough camo ? Here . Zebra. Great ad from BITD.
Always wanted some of them levers. 

You thought camo was your generation , right ? 
 Just as a side note : This book is so funny . Obviously unintended . Allsorts in there , like how to survive a bear attack , and how to fend off cougars . Tell em you have a double mortgage and your Amex is maxed out, obviously .
 It's so early , there's actually a chapter on how to convert a tenspeed racer , into a MTB , using oxy bottles to manipulate the back end for fatter tyres .
The good book . 

Great pic

tuck and roll

MBUK Issue 1

Mountain Biker Issue 1

Bicycle Action . Dec '87 . Alan on the cover .Hiding behind the heading . Just see his shoes / white socks.

The one to beat in the 90s....

Sadly missed .

MBR issue1 . Still got the VHS too.

All this shit never really appealed to me. Of it's time I suppose . 

Issue 1

Random Fisher ad . Armstrong racing MTB . '95 

Bonkers Cannondale. 

That's all folks ....

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