Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Don't Quote me

It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to work this out really .
 As the seatpost IS  attached to the San Marco Rolls , it's looking increasingly like I'll be using that , over the other brown one . I really wanted to use the old one though . Originality has nothing to do with it , it's just dead comfy . I'm still going to get some feedy stuff , but I was half late again tonight , and I half forgot .
Unforeseen circumstances have led to this development .

It chucked it down today . Biblical . Unlike most of the twaddle in the good book , ( I've read better ) ,there is sound historical evidence to support a great flood in ancient history .Forget all that Noah crap . He was just  an allegorical character , who went on to become Moses , and then Jesus , and then David Beckham.
No , It really rained . Enough to push us to the brink of extinction .The oceans rose up , and the poles shifted . All that .   Well , today was at least that bad .
 On account of my atheism slash blasphemy , god chose the garage to bear the brunt of his anger and furious wrath . It'll be me quoting Ezekial on facebook what did it .
He knows I'm atheist , but he just wont leave me alone . On the one hand , I'll announce my distinct lack of theism to the world  and all creation , and then in the next sentence , I'll acknowledge his existence. And creationism. They've got you all ways .
I believe the power of god is in man , in fact IS man , and I am man , therefore I am god . I'll be wearing a purple tracksuit next .  Did you notice I capitalised ' I' , but not god . We just made the whole Goddamn thing up.
Damn .

I'd better hide all my really cool old bike bits , cos what he did was cause it to rain so hard that a tiny crack in the roof sheet ( that wouldn't do more than a tiny drip in a normal shower)  opened up , and it fairly pissed in , BUT, only all over my box crate of bike bits for the Courier , AND only soaking the brown saddle .
 It's clearly stained .
If I hold it to the light a certain way , I can see the face of Mithra .

See , what actually happened was , I left it placed under the crack . There's a clear causal link . My cognitive dissonance at this trauma , is leading me to seek solace in spiritual mumbo jumbo . If I could just accept that it was I who caused the whole thing , I am also in fact , the rain , then I , and all of the world that I have created , for me , will be a much better one .
Peace and love .

Campag thumbshifters under 24 hr armed guard , and umbrella ......

Beyond the focal point of macro , one can  almost clearly see, a muddyfox courier in a state of build....

Not the Samuel L Jackson one .....

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