Sunday, 28 October 2012

Johnny Hates Jazz

view from castle to Rivington Res'

Tony + Jeff discuss daylight savings

Quite an enjoyable ride today. Clocks went back last night . Just an hour . What's the point in that again ? Wish I could just keep turning it .How about turning it back a full day ?
 Basically , all it means is , when it's bedtime tonight , ie the time the clock says it's bedtime , it'll really be an hour later than when I really should've gone . So , in the morning , I'll be knackered .But when the alarm goes off , I'll have been lying awake an hour waiting for it . Extra hour in bed . yea , right .Takes me a week to get over it . 

Anyway , met Jeff at ours at 0800 , which the day before would've been 0900 . Not a really good start to the day . The bike was in the kitchen with a curious puncture . Hmm. 
Little later than planned meeting Tony then . 
We headed up the canal , where about a million guys were setting up for a fishing match , oh , and it was fairly raining a bit , too . I had on my vintage kagoule .
The path was muddy / puddly , so , we headed up through the Haigh Country Park instead. So , more tarmac than usual . Whatever . 
By his own admission , Jeff was struggling a little when we got up Rivi . He's been doing a few 10-12 milers of late . Seeing as we've already done about 14mi , it was no wonder he was feeling it . 
I'd intended heading up the hill , but , apart from anything else , we couldn't see it . Totally cloud locked . 
So we kept it lowland . 
Water's edge path wasn't busy , or the castle , ( above pic) . Good and gloopy.
From here we jumped back on the road for a bit of fun back in Haigh Hall on the way home . 
Dropping down through the trees , it was very wet , but loads of fun . Lots of slippy bits . I fell off . Back wheel overtook the front one . All in , a great ride then, and an excuse for a new pair of tyres ,probably. 

Need to get a few good rides in . Rememberance Sunday ride imminent . Mapped it the other night . Coming in at 20 miles . Oh , that's from the car park . If we ride up , it'll be more like 45+ . 

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