Thursday, 20 September 2012

Fantastic Instamatic tactic

I just dug out some old pix and had a scanning sesh .....

There are many , but here are a few to be going on with .
These are , as far as I can remember , early 90s . I'd say '91 /'92 . Might be a little later . Either way , still knocking on 20 yrs ago. ....

First few are at Fairholmes visitor centre . Alan's Red Nishiki Alien can be seen leaning on the wall near my DB Axis .

Next up . I used the classic technique employed in many cycle sport mags , namely , staging a stunt . 
In the first pic , Alan is seen to be styling a skid . In the second he asks if that was OK . Ha. 
We were on the moorland just above the carpark . Kinda heading to Hagg farm area.
Win Hill , our target , in the far distance .
Kinda cocked up the scanning a little . I'd intended them to be in order . Strictly speaking the above two , should be in the middle of these two...
First is that ace downhill after that first nadgery climb through the woods from Fairholmes CP.
Second , we have crossed the A57 to climb the Roman Rd towards hope cross . 

Alan can be seen pushing his red Nishiki Alien up this tough climb , an image that may be repeated on Saturday...

OK , to finish , just some scenery shots . First is the view from Roman Rd back across the A57 where we had just come from . 
Next is that big plughole thingy in Ladybower Reservoir .

OK . 

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  1. With my eagle eyes , I can see in that top pic , that my Axis is wearing a pair of " Butterscotch" Panaracer Smoke magics.
    They were £ 50 pr. I was looking to see if I had suspension forks , which would make it '93 I think.


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