Monday, 17 September 2012

Tour of Barati

Tour of Britain passed my house last week . Had a half day chop off work to watch it come past .
Rode out to meet some friends and find a suitable spot .
met up with Tony who works from home , whatever that means . It's a grey area . A bit like construction work . He was with Alan , and a couple of other guys from local to him . We rode a few miles up to Billinge , with crowds substantially already lining the route . Really good feeling . Lots of warmth . Makes a change from being spat at , and forced into the gutter , for the crime of dressing like a fruitcake.
Anyway , here's a pic of myself and Tony at the top of Billinge . Alan and the others are out of shot .
I did a quick google search for uploaded pics that people had put up on Flickr , and such .

Photographer is David Stanley . I messaged him via Flickr and he kindly allowed me to use this . Check out his other pics at his "stansgang" flickr photostream. I just had a quick look . There are some great pics of the stage 4 finish in Blackpool too , oh and many other non cycling pics also .
Here ..

Here is a particularly good one of the Isle of Man gurning champion .

Here is a link to a short video I took with my phone as the main field flew past .

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