Thursday, 6 September 2012

He falls into a carpet ....

So , as the page turns on another day .....

Here's something else that I first experienced in 1987 . I'm currently working in Manchester on a social housing project . A block o' flats , we used to call them . In the foyer there's a communal bookswap area . Well , I'm a sucker for books , me . A quick browse , and this jumped out . Next to Asimov's Foundation , which is , literally , another story . 
It's Weaveworld , by Clive Barker . One of his finest  ( if not the ) earlier works . Warped , and wefted , ha . Really good , from before he got all narcissistic and obsessed with homosexuality. 
It's a first edition paperback , not mint . Could probably tell a tale itself . 
Made the mistake of picking it up and opening the cover to read . 

I'm about seventy pages in already . Which is partly why my bike is still bereft of paint . It wouldn't be so bad , if I didn't know what was coming . There's this really good bit , yea ........

Right then , another ' handy ' finish today .
 Cock up on the catering front . First job was a bit of a garage tidy up . I just recently rebuilt / renovated the garage at my mum's . Outside looks good , but inside it's , er , eclectic .It's a work in progress . Tracey Emin , who lives next door , said it was ' rad ' .
 I clear a corner with some TNT , which will become my ' bike spraying corner ' . I was hoping to simply staplegun poly visqueen sheeting up . Creating a spray booth , of sorts .
Unfortunately , the roll of visqueen I'd put my name on at work , got used , so go to plan B ....

I , hastily constructed a supporting frame from 2"x2" R/S S/W from stock,and cross battened this using aluminium angle . Just a bit of light gauge stuff we use , cut to suit with tinsnips . With some short self drill ' tecscrews ' it didnt take long . Hey , it's what I do . Despite the corkscrew timber , and just eye and hand , it was fairly plumb and square  , making a space about 7' x 6' .
I had a few bits of polythene , so I gunned them to the roof battens . In the top left hand corner you can see a G'Clamp . That's pretty much holding the whole of that end up .

To the frame , determined to use the staplegun some more , I fastened ' correx' floor protection sheet . It's a corrugated plastic sheet used in construction to protect new floor coverings , or maybe doors . Stuff that could get a knock . Its in sheets of 8'x4' . It folds squarely down its length , and seeing as the garage is a smidge under 8' high , with a trim off the top , it's perfect . I laid a few on the floor , too .

 From work , obviously . What were you thinking ?

I've put a heater in there , and with the extra bit of polythene left over , I made a kind of ' door ' flap.
The whole thing was done in about an hour . On account of the EU directive on working hours , it was time for a brew . I had a Pukka Detox , with two bananas . All construction workers do this nowadays , and many have more than a passing penchant for late 80s fantasy horror .

 Here , the frame . . I'd have backed up to get a better shot , but behind me are six or seven bikes under a dust sheet . Hmm

Before I went home , I had a mad hour doing the final sand . I'm happy with it , so , with a bit of luck , chance of some paint tomorrow and then a week at gas mk6.
Mum will be getting her winter fuel payment soon , which will come in handy .



    Wondered if this might be the sort of thing you needed for the booth?

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey thanks . That is exactly what I did get . As it happens , also recycled from work .


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