Saturday, 8 September 2012

Shiny Happy People.

Something like 2 days after I dropped off my polished rims and hubs , I received a TXT from Alan to say my wheels are ready . He uses a top wheel builder bloke who builds for proteams . He's signed a vow of secrecy , though . 
Top service though , eh ? 

In other news , I was struggling for a Freewheel . I poured over the internet . All the usual places . Try and get a screw-on , ie old style, non-cassette, freewheel .
 Wait .
 It has to be in a decent range of gears . Shimano do a widely available 6 speed one , but it's 14t at the 'tall ' end , and 28t at the low . About a tenner . Looks about a fivers worth though . Nasty . Alan has them on the wall , and I nearly did , but I was hoping a better one would turn up . 

I'm sure we used to run 13-30 , but can I find one ? 

They also do that silly ' megarange ' one with a dead easy low gear . Apart from the shame and embarrassment , I'd be unable to use that with my rear derailleur . Too much raaaange.

Ebay sellers offer little more choice . At the other end of the price range , a NOS ( new old stock ) Suntour one , identical to the one I angle grindered off , are the best part of £100 . An odd Regina came up . Road ratios . 

Anyway , an exhaustive search brought up a ' SunRace ' brand one . 
13-28 . Says--- ' chrome plated '. 7 speed .
 Not a great pic online . 
OK , one tooth at the taller end is a bit better at least . I thought " in for a penny , in for a 14 quid . posted " 
A bit of an impulsive purchase , but if it wasn't quite right , it'd fit one of the kids bikes . 

Strictly speaking the Muddyfox is six speed ( ie 18 spd ) , but , the spacing's the same , and my shifters are 7spd . Non indexed Campy ones . They'd probably work with 10 speed !
I replied to an ' importance of originality ' type post the other day on the retrobike forum . Life's too short . And there's no way Jose is paying £100 for a six block .  

Anyway , it came this morning . Looks ace . Proper shiny shiny . Clicky clicky . More modern style profiled teeth . 

So , a blog post praising both the local retailer and the wonder of the internet . For that obscure hard to find stuff , It's tough to beat . That said , I'll be pointing them out to Alan as an option to stock over them nasty shimano ones . They look ten times better , for another 2 quid . 

And that said , it's hard to beat the local bike shop for a wheelbuild . 

Nipping into town later to collect them . I'll put some pix up . Deffo need to get some paint on that damn frame .

Right now , I'm building a mailorder wardrobe , which is the other , dark , depraved side of the internet .....

Wheels look superb . Plain gauge Stainless spokes , Silver brass nipples . Straight and true .
I'll have to order them overpriced Araya stickers now .

Shiny cassette . Just looks a ton better than one of those generic shimano ones .Rim tapes .

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