Sunday, 2 September 2012

Mr Sandman

Another  semi busy day . Few little bits of DIY , but to be honest , my heart wasn't in it. 
Tidied the shed out and liberated a few choice components . Like , 10 pairs of pedals . I dunno . 

So , Amy( girl child) has gone to her friends house . We need to pick her up at 5.00 , so there's a ' window' in which we're going to go to my mum's . The courier is there in the garage , so yet another ' two bird one stone ' thing . 
I get cracking with the sander. Whilst the frame overall doesn't look too bad , from a distance , up close it suffers from 25 yrs worth of MTB stone chips . The rear triangle is worst affected , but they're basically all over . I can't possibly just paint over it , so they need to be rubbed down . I'm using a palm style detail sander with a 120 grit paper . And mum has provided a cup of herbal tea , and some carrot cake . 
I love doing this kind of creative shit . 
Read - " The Case For Working With Your Hands...etc " , then get back to me ...

I was thinking I might get away with just t-cutting it .....

I'm about 99% there . The devil's in the detail sander , as they say . There are a couple of tricky spots I need to hand-rub , and I haven't done the fork yet . I'll wet+ dry the whole thing . Hoping to get some paint on midweek. 

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