Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Daily Grind

Urrrgh . Bike restoration . Don't . Just don't.

 Busy today . Multiple trips to local tip following ' decorating' job upstairs . Anyway , 2 birds with one stone , methinks .

I'll load up the car , then after the first dump , I'll hightail it to my mate Rick @ Cyclehouse . I've a freewheel to remove off the Courier . I want the wheels rebuilding , but first the rims and hubs need a good buff up .The freewheel's also just worn enough to skip with a new chain ,which it definitely needs, so it's going bye bye.

 I'd tried in Alan's yesterday , but despite an impressive array of freewheel removers , none would fit . Ironically , the first ever bike specific tool I bought , was a Suntour two pin remover . But I cant find it .
So , Rick thinks they might have one . To be fair it's a 25yr old , obsolete freewheel , but it's worth a try .

I'm busting a gut to get there . Even though its only about 5 miles from the tip , I seem to catch every traffic light , and it being Saturday , all the shoppers are out .
Unfortunately , Rick's tool was also deficient.

And I've got another 2 or 3 trips to make to the tip, at least .

So , I get home . Dinnerish time . Whilst waiting for lunch , I get the big hammer out and an old chiseldriver . You know ?
You cant normally go wrong with a bit of violence . I've got the block lifted up on a piece of timber , so that as I whack it , the impact does n't damage the rim .

Still no joy .

It's funny how things go . Back at the tip , like an old magpie , a piece of shiny shiny catches my eye . It's a socket . One of the long sparkplug remover type . On the floor . Just there . I instantly think . I can fabricate a tool from this . Maybe .

So , FFWD>>>> a good hour or so . I've done another trip , and gone straight from there , to my mums . The angle grinder is there . It only takes a few minutes, with a dead thin cut-off disc, to cut some slots in the end of the socket , and then some cuts in the side , to leave two stand up lugs . It's kinda right as I offer it into the slots in the freewheel . I've got a big 18" Stilson wrench on the end , but the lugs aren't strong enough , deform , and slip out .
I'm pissed off .

I'm looking at the freewheel .

I'm looking at the grinder .

Freewheel . Grinder .

Grinder . Freewheel .

Definitive 'after ' pic . You can see the fabbed socket thingy .

In for a penny .....
One-handed power tool photography not recommended . Don't try this at home kids , I'm a trained professional.

Minutes later I had the Autosol out . One rim and hub are gleaming . I'll try to get the others done tomorrow.

"Tackle , is half the battle " as my old dad used to say .

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